What To Expect

Steps in Cryotherapy Session at Calistoga Cryo:

I.   After being greeted and checked in, you will head into our private changing room. You will disrobe (woman can be fully nude, while men must wear underwear), and Calistoga Cryo will provide you with a robe, socks, shoes, and gloves prior to each session.

II.   You will then be ready to enter the CryoSauna, where our certified Cryotherapy Technician will stay with you throughout the process. After you have entered the CryoSauna, you will hand us your robe. (Privacy is important to us, and be assured that we will only see your face while the rest of your body is covered in the CryoSauna)

III.   Our technician will then prep you for the start of your session. Cool dry air will enter the CryoSauna circulating around you. Your skin temperature will gradually drop, but your core temperature will not. Sessions can last 1-3 minutes, and the CryoSauna can be paused instantly at any time.

IV.   Then the magic happens: your blood will be enriched with oxygen and nutrients as it heads to your core, and checks through all your organs. Your body will naturally detox and flush impurities from your muscle and skin surface tissue.

V.   After your session has ended, you will feel an endorphin rush. (Like a runners high) Your enriched blood will be released back into the rest of your body and you will warm up within the first minute. The magic of the Cryotherapy session continues for the next 6-8 hours, as your body benefits from the natural shock it just went through. In doing so, it is reported that you can burn an extra 500-800 calories during this time.

VI.   Once your session is completed you will change and head into our office asking us when and where you can sign up for your next session!